Pedro Soares

Software Engineer | Tech Lead

👋 Hello, I'm Pedro Soares!

Well, I'm a passionate software engineer deeply immersed in the world of technology, gaming and culture. I discovered my love for programming at the age of 12 while learning to create mods for GTA Vice City. This passion moved-me into a fulfilling career where I architect and develop innovative solutions, specializing in web systems and AI-powered applications. Currently working at NE Digital as a Senior Tech Lead / Software Engineer, I thrive on challenging projects that allow me to push the boundaries of abilities and creativity. Outside of work, you'll often find me diving into the latest video games, exploring diverse cultural experiences, or tinkering with new tech gadgets.


  • Flutter
  • React Native


  • AWS
  • Terraform
  • Serverless
  • Firebase


  • Tailwind
  • Bootstrap
  • Javascript
  • VueJS 3
  • Nuxt 3


  • NodeJs
  • Rust
  • Asp.NET
  • Lua
  • C++
  • Laravel

Big Data

  • Pandas
  • Apache Spark


  • Unity 3D
  • Godot
  1. Senior Tech Lead / Software Engineer Currently

    NE Digital | Grupo JCPM

  2. Postgraduate Lato Sensu, Data Processing and Data Processing Technology Currently


  3. Senior Software Engineer

    Vai de Bolsa

  4. Intermediate Fullstack Developer

    Tekoa | Informação e Conectividade

    Design and develop Web systems in Laravel, Vue.js, and Node.js for lead capture and customer conversion for major partner brands.

    Develop AI-powered chat-bot (NLP) for customer support via WhatsApp.

    Fulfill the role of Scrum Master.

    Promoted to Software Engineer Senior.

    Architect, develop, and lead development team in creating a multi-technology marketing automation platform, including:

    - serverless;

    - microservices;

    - Node.js;

    - Rust;

    - PHP;

    - Go.

  5. Intermediate Fullstack Developer

    WF5 - Tecnologia e Comunicação

    Design and develop a web system for a public organization using Laravel and VueJS with microservices architecture, and a Cordova mobile application for external use. Also, develop integration of this system with the legacy system and generation of financial and management reports.

  6. System Analysis

    UNINTER - Centro Universitário Internacional

  7. Teacher

    SENAI - Serviço Nacional de Aprendizagem Industrial

    Teaching classes for industrial learning groups in computer programming and local network support. I taught the following subjects:

    - Web Programming Language;

    - Database;

    - Web Design;

    - Introduction to Programming;

    - Local Networks;

    - Drawing and Animation;

  8. Computer Programmer Industrial Apprenticeship

    SENAI - Serviço Nacional de Aprendizagem Industrial

  9. Computer Programmer Technical Course

    SENAI - Serviço Nacional de Aprendizagem Industrial

  10. Born in 1994, October 29

    I couldn't remember any productive work in that time.