June 30, 2024

Showcase SisDeter System (Formerly called SCMobi)

Pedro Soares

Showcase SisDeter System (Now called SCMobi)


SCMobi, formerly known as SisDeter, is a system I fully conceived and developed for the Government of Santa Catarina. It was created to manage and supervise intermunicipal and interstate passenger transport in the state, aiming to ensure the safety, efficiency, and quality of services provided by passenger transport companies.

Main Features

1. Fleet Control

SCMobi allows detailed registration and monitoring of public and/or private transport company fleets. Features include:

  • Vehicle Registration: Comprehensive registration of all vehicles used by the companies, including details like model, year of manufacture, capacity, and other technical specifications.
    • Integration with Detran: Vehicle data is automatically synchronized with the Detran (department of transportation) database, avoiding manual entry and keeping the database updated.
  • Inspections: Scheduling and recording mandatory inspections, ensuring vehicles comply with current safety standards and regulations.

2. Issuance of Licenses and Authorizations

The system simplifies the bureaucratic process of issuing and managing the licenses and authorizations required for operating transport lines. Features include:

  • License Requests: Interface for companies to request new licenses or renew existing ones online.
  • Process Tracking: Monitoring the status of license and authorization requests, providing greater transparency in the process.
  • Permission Management: Control over granted permissions, ensuring all operations are duly authorized.

3. Supervision and Auditing

SCMobi provides robust tools for supervising and auditing transport operations. Features include:

  • Inspection Records: Detailed recording of inspections carried out by inspectors, including date, time, location, and inspection results.
  • Irregularity Reports: Generating reports on irregularities found during inspections, facilitating corrective actions.
  • Compliance Monitoring: Continuous verification of compliance with safety, operational, and maintenance standards by transport operators.

4. Fare Management

The system is also responsible for controlling and managing the fares charged by transport companies. Features include:

  • Fare Registration: Registering and updating authorized fares for each transport line, ensuring compliance with regulations.
  • Fare Auditing: Monitoring and auditing the fares charged, ensuring no undue or excessive charges.
  • Fare Analysis: Tools for analyzing practiced fares, allowing adjustments as necessary to maintain accessibility and competitiveness.

5. Special Trips

  • Special Trip Scheduling: Functionality to schedule and manage special trips outside regular routes, meeting specific demands of groups or events.

6. Registration Renewal

  • Automatic Renewal: Option for companies to automatically renew vehicle registrations and licenses, simplifying the regulatory compliance process.

7. Financial Management

  • Integrated Financial Management: Module for financial control, including billing, accounts payable, receivables, and bank reconciliation.
  • Issuance of Fees: Functionality for issuing fees related to services provided by transport companies.
  • Issuance of TFT (Intermunicipal Passenger Transport Supervision Fee): Issuing the fee based on the vehicle modalities registered with each institution.

8. Trip Licenses

  • Specific License Management: Detailed control of the licenses required for each special trip, ensuring legal and operational compliance.

9. Updating Continuous Charter Information

  • Data Update: Functionality to update information related to continuous charter, such as schedules, routes, and contractual conditions.

10. Updating Occasional Charter Information

  • Operational Flexibility: Option to adjust information on occasional charters, adapting to variable passenger transport demands.

11. Continuous Charter

  • Contract Management: Tools for managing continuous charter contracts, including renewals, term changes, and performance monitoring.

Benefits of SCMobi

  • Enhanced Supervision: The system significantly improves passenger transport supervision, ensuring all operations comply with regulations.
  • Transparency: Increases transparency of transport operations, providing updated information to companies, passengers, and regulatory bodies.
  • Operational Efficiency: Improves operational efficiency of transport companies, with more effective management of fleets, licenses, and fares.
  • Passenger Safety: Ensures vehicles are always in good operating condition, providing greater safety for passengers.


SCMobi is an essential tool for managing and supervising passenger transport in Santa Catarina. With its comprehensive features, the system contributes to the continuous improvement of transport services, ensuring safety, efficiency, and quality for users and system operators.